Eye Vet


Getting Referred

Animals need to be referred to us via your first opinion vet. We regret that we cannot accept referral forms from pet owners and ask you to please visit your veterinarian if you would like to be referred to Eye Vet

The referral procedure is straight forward. Your vet may suggest a referral to Eye Vet, or you may request one. Once your vet has sent us a referral form along with the desired documents to support your animals referral, one of our dedicated customer support team will contact you to make an appointment.


First consultations are usually in the mornings. This means that if the ophthalmologist needs to do further investigations or any surgery, this may be done on the same day. However, sometimes it may not be possible to perform such diagnostics on the same day and we may need to book your pet in at a later date. If your pet requires surgery that is not deemed an emergency, one of our nurses will book your pet in at a date suitable. Theatre space gets booked up quickly, and it therefore may not always be possible to perform a surgery on a certain date which you ask for. We ask you to be please flexible, as theatre space is of high demand and we will offer you the next available space.

We request that you do not feed your pet on the morning of your first consultation. This is so that if any further investigation needs to be performed, as mentioned above, then we will be able to administer sedation or anaesthesia drugs to perform these.

If your pet is diabetic, please contact a member of staff before you starve him/her on the morning of your appointment. It is important to keep a diabetic patient's regime as normal as possible. We therefore may advise each patient differently.